about us

Book selling businesses, authors, content creators and publishers from around Ethiopia are working with BookRiser. Therefore, we would like you to grow with us by working around books selling and buying environment. Hence, our members can buy books and sell them when they want to pass it on to others - by making it accessible with the fair spending. And also produce your own useful content and publish it in an eBook as well as audio book formats so that you can monetize your talents, experience and knowledge on the BookRiser platform. The contents of the books include fictions, scientific, engineering, news and other relevant contents for the societal development building with credible content quality.

Therefore, we at BookRiser provide services and information on an efficient way of getting and supplying books in various ways and formats to the benefit of readers as well as the society’s enlightenment as a whole. Hence the platform hosts a plethora of services such as getting books in various categories – more than 21 categories – which are enriched by ratings, reviews who read the books and their competitive price. In addition, members will have access to identify book sellers who would satisfy their particular needs at a particular time and inquire their preferences. Moreover, the platform allows companies and book sellers to reach their audience through advertising their books and sponsorship Ads to show their support of the system’s purpose as well as mainly show their company to the BookRiser website visitors and users.


Member’s benefit:

* Will gain access and unlock to more features of the system

* Build their own specialized experience

* Can review and rate books that they have read

* Can subscribe to sell books or buy books conveniently

Advertiser’s and sponsors benefits:

* Can reach a huge audience and create better awareness of their company as well as services and products

Get advice on their advertising design and various marketing suggestions

* Benefited from the optimized website features on various search engines and linked social media systems of the BookRiser platform

* Cost effectiveness and better customer service