Last updated: Sept 27, 2020

BookRiser allows booksellers to use their own form of payment gateway in order for making the process of selling to their customers convenient and safe as well as accessible. In addition, issues related to refund and return should be settled between you and the bookseller. Moreover, refer to the book seller’s store policy for further information.

When it comes to payments to be made for BookRiser such as for subscription fee and advertising/sponsorship payments, we have made the following alternatives available:


Direct payment methods (bank transfers, mobile banking or internet banking)

  • CBECommercial bank of Ethiopia

Name: Wondwosen Kenea

Account number: 1000282217582

  • United Bank

Name: Wondwosen Kenea

Account number: 4240416695678011

  • Cash payment

You can pay in cash by physically contacting us


Smart payment methods (digital vouchers, digital wallets or mobile options)

  • BookRiser Gift cards

You will receive your gift cards up on approval of your payment through direct methods

  • CBE Birr

Mobile number: 0947 33 78 46


If your payment confirmations are not approved within 10min, then please let us know the situation and give us your payment information – Transaction reference number and date when you made the payment. And in case of errors in payment or other unfortunate reasons, a refund is guaranteed as well as corrections to make on your payment possible – just contact us whenever the need comes.